Home News Four endangered orangutans welcomed to Naples Zoo

Four endangered orangutans welcomed to Naples Zoo

Four endangered orangutans welcomed to Naples Zoo

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RanDee and her 2-year-old son, Riplee. COURTESY PHOTOS

For the primary time in Naples Zoo’s 50-year history, the Zoo is welcoming critically endangered Bornean orangutans. The 4 red-haired, great apes made their debut on August 28. This orangutan family involves Naples Zoo from Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park.

DeeDee is the oldest member of the family at 43 years old. She is the mother of 15-year-old, RanDee, and 5-year-old, Dira. DeeDee can also be a grandmother to RanDee’s son, 2-year-old, Riplee. Each individual has a singular personality, and all are wonderful ambassadors for his or her species.

“We’re thrilled to welcome orangutans to Naples Zoo and to contribute to the worldwide efforts to conserve Bornean orangutans,” said Jack Mulvena, president and CEO, Naples Zoo. “Through our dedicated conservation programs and academic initiatives, we hope to boost awareness concerning the critical importance of protecting these incredible animals and their habitats.”

Visitors to Naples Zoo may have the chance to watch these fascinating creatures up close while learning concerning the challenges they face within the wild and the actions that might be taken to safeguard their future. Naples Zoo stays committed to fostering a way of wonder and appreciation for wildlife and inspiring visitors to be advocates for conservation.


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