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Maintain Your Health and Safety During the Summer Heat

During these hot summer days, the team at Lee Health desires to remind you to prioritize safety. One solution to try this is to know the causes, risk aspects and signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses, including heat exhaustion and warmth stroke.

Heat exhaustion occurs when the body overheats and might be brought on by hot weather, after all, in addition to strenuous activity and dehydration. Age is usually a risk factor for warmth exhaustion, especially for those younger than 4 and people who find themselves 65 and older. Some medications, especially those who impact the body’s ability to remain hydrated, like blood pressure, allergy or antipsychotic medications, can increase your risk for warmth exhaustion. Remember to review your prescriptions to higher understand your personal risk. Remember, too, of the signs and symptoms of warmth exhaustion, which include:

– Heavy sweating
– Paleness
– Muscle cramps
– Tiredness
– Weakness
– Dizziness
– Headache
– Upset stomach or vomiting
– Fainting

If you happen to or someone you might be with experiences any of those symptoms, move inside or to a cooler place and drink cool water or a sports drink. If left untreated, heat exhaustion can result in heat stroke.

Heat stroke is a life-threatening condition and occurs when the body can not control its temperature. Be looking out for these signs and symptoms:

– Very high body temperature (above 103 degrees Fahrenheit)
– Red, hot and dry skin (no sweating)
– Rapid, strong pulse
– Throbbing headache
– Dizziness
– Upset stomach
– Confusion
– Passing out

Again, heat stroke could be very serious, so seek medical help—call 911—immediately.

Remember to do what you may to guard yourself by staying hydrated, wearing loose-fitting, lightweight and light-colored clothing, limiting your outdoor activities, and staying informed by taking note of local weather forecasts and warmth advisories.

To read more summer safety suggestions, visit


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