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Casola Di Domicella (AV) Hosts Vibrant Dried Fruit Festival

Casola Di Domicella (AV) Hosts Vibrant Dried Fruit Festival

Il Municipality of Domicella (AV), specifically in its fraction of Casola, is preparing to host one of the popular events within the region: the thirty fifth Dried Fruit Festival. This event, particularly renowned within the panorama of Campania food and wine festivals, can be held from 15 to 17 September 2023, attracting gourmands and families on the lookout for an authentic and fascinating celebration.

What do you eat on the Dried Fruit Festival

The event stands out for its abundant culinary offering which puts the highlight on dried fruit. Guests will give you the chance to please in a varied menu that features:

  • Spaghetti that Nucell: a dish by which pasta blends harmoniously with chosen dried fruit-based ingredients.
  • Sandwiches with broccoli and sausages: a country and attractive proposal for lovers of tradition.
  • Tripe: a classic of Italian cuisine, prepared following typical recipes of the realm.
  • Turnovers: irresistible tasty morsels to be enjoyed at any moment of the festival.
  • Chips and bruschetta: ideal to accompany chatter in a night filled with fun.
  • Hazelnut crepes: a sweet moment of pause, by which the hazelnut becomes the actual protagonist.
  • Dried fruit desserts: delights prepared with fresh and natural ingredients, which have a good time the theme of the event.

Shows and other activities on the Dried Fruit Festival

Along with the culinary delicacy, the Dried Fruit Festival also features a series of evening shows and entertainment. A note of particular interest is the Kid’s Area, designed to make sure fun even for the little ones, making the event also suitable for families.

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