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Jam, Cod, and Meat Take Center Stage at the Prickly Pear Festival in Salerno

Jam, Cod, and Meat Take Center Stage at the Prickly Pear Festival in Salerno

Inside the picturesque surroundings of Castelluccio Cosentino, an integral a part of the territory of Sicignano the Alburnums (SA), a celebratory day dedicated to local gastronomy is about to happen, with the Prickly pear because the undisputed protagonist. This culinary celebration guarantees to mix the delights of the palate with entertainment of varied kinds, making a symphony of flavors and entertainment. The appointment is for Sunday 17 September 2023.

What to eat on the Prickly Pear Festival 2023

Il menu of the day presents a wide range of dishes by which the Prickly pear is valorized in numerous forms and combos. Guests will have the ability to please in a gastronomic offer that features:

  • Prosecco and prickly pear juice, a sparkling combination that may revive the senses.
  • Spritz with prickly pear juice, a cocktail that marries Italian tradition with fruity notes.
  • Fried prickly pear peels, a crunchy and original appetizer.
  • Slice of casareccio bread with ricotta and prickly pear jam, a symphony of flavors that evokes homemade tradition.
  • Savory struffoli with dried sausage and prickly pear jam, a dish that mixes sweet and savory in perfect harmony.
  • Barks with pancetta, bran peppers, and prickly pear cream, a culinary proposal that guarantees to be a real explosion of flavors.
  • Stockfish and prickly pear velouté, a gastronomic encounter between land and sea, embellished with the sweet notes of the fruit.
  • Snitch of pork with mushrooms and prickly pear cream, enriched by chopped walnuts, a balanced dish wealthy in texture.
  • Rib and prickly pear-based liqueur, a sweet and liqueur finish that may conclude the meal in style.

Shows and other activities

Beyond the culinary event, the day includes a spread of activities and entertainment that may involve each adults and youngsters. There folk music will likely be the soundtrack of the lunch, with a performance by Marianna Ricciardi, while the evening will likely be animated by live performances by Vincent Caputo and Nicola Tommasini. So as to add a touch of magic to the event, there will likely be a show of Magician Fofficino, who guarantees to enchant audiences together with his tricks. Finally, markets, inflatables for kids, and guided tours will help make the day an entire and rewarding experience for everybody.

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