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I chased the American Dream and caught it. Big money, a number of stuff, recognition. I seemingly had all of it.

But I used to be also a workaholic, an alcoholic, bankrupt, my business partners wanted me out, and I used to be ruining my family relationships.

All of it led to the moment when my doctor told me I had one month to live. Faced with that death sentence, I let go of all the things. I quit drinking and joined AA.

I fired myself from my very own company and installed a significantly better CEO. I delegated all the things. I started doing the alternative of what I’d been doing before and what I believed I should do. It worked.

Today I’m sober, glad, my family is reunited, and our company is valued at over $400 million.

I’m not the just one hiding behind traditional success. Membership in that club includes a number of the most successful people, surrounded by loving friends, family, and even thousands and thousands of adoring fans.

Matthew Perry, the tv actor from “Friends,” recounted in his book how at age 30 — with fame and money (a cool million per episode) — he got hooked on Vicodin and crash-landed within the ICU for a five-month stay. He was given only a 2% likelihood of survival on the time.

I got lucky too. Many don’t.

Like Jack Buffington, the 20-year-old friend of my kids here in South Carolina who took his own life. He had all the things — on the surface. He was smart, handsome, had an important personality, and he was a star athlete. But something wasn’t right on the within and no one knew until it was too late. That’s an all too familiar story today.

That’s why I wrote “The Success Paradox,” to query our traditional beliefs about success through accomplishments and accumulation.

To shine a lightweight on how that may leave us feeling hole on the within. Success appears to be all about what we do, with virtually no deal with who we’re.

This is usually a fatal formula.

It’s also missing the important thing to healthy wealth creation.

Business creator Dan Kennedy said it well: “There is a large secret about income that only a small percentage of top earners in every field ever work out and use to their advantage. The key is that the upper up in income you go, in almost any category, the more you might be paid for who you might be, relatively than for what you do.”

But here’s the thing. If I don’t know who I’m, how will anyone else?

If we wish to receives a commission for who we’re, then we’ve to learn enough about ourselves that our authenticity becomes obvious.

Here’s a straightforward practice to measure your personal authenticity. Take a look at yourself within the mirror, say: “I’m,” and see what pops up to finish that statement. If it’s negative, you’ve got inside work to do (like I did and still do).

When we will take a look at ourselves and truthfully say “I’m successful, I’m glad, I’m grateful,” it’s a sure sign that we’re growing success from the within out.

I just hope none of you have got to spiral all the way down to the brink of extinction like I did before you discover this secret and act on it to extend each your health and your wealth.

Give up and win, who knew? ¦

— Gary C. Cooper (garyccooper.com/) is the Forbes Books creator of “The Success Paradox: Give up and Win in Business and Life.” He’s the manager chairman of Palmetto Infusion Services, an organization valued at over $400 million that gives home health care, medical equipment more and to hundreds of patients across the Carolinas.


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