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Good morning, Roger:

Your column this week, “Plague of Locusts,” was too funny and on point as usual. We could little doubt provide you with a number of more recommendations for drivers, restaurants, and the postal service, too!


Hello Roger,

Just desired to let you realize that I loved reading your Commentary within the Sept. 28 Florida Weekly (“Man Enough”). It reconciled me with the world and tells me that there are good people, there may be honesty, and there may be hope.

Have a very good autumn,

Luba Rotsztain (from Welcome to Florida Clubs International)

Roger Williams,

RE: “Man Enough”: Misbehaving males forged a large net. Depending on anyone’s politics, either side will not be exactly covering themselves in glory. For my part, testosterone is vital and needs to be encouraged, not demonized. I’ll proceed to anticipate your articles and insights.

Joe Angrisano


Once I read your columns, I at all times feel a bit spark of hope that perhaps sooner or later we’ll return to some sanity.

Many thanks,

Mary C. Bennett Nadler

(Ms. Nadler shared her letter to U.S. Rep. Greg Steube, R-17):

Dear Representative Steube,

Today I’m writing to let you realize that I used to be deeply disillusioned by your vote yesterday. For my part, the political brinksmanship organized by Rep. Matt Gaetz and others played fast and loose with the lives of our service members, their families, and lots of other Americans. “Cooperation” will not be a unclean word! There needs to be no “winners” in Congress except the American people. I agree wholeheartedly that aid for Ukraine must be tied to frame security, and at the identical time, I second Senator Lindsey Graham’s urge to double support for Ukraine. History has tried to show us a lesson about what happens if we let dictators invade and subjugate smaller countries. We’re in a really similar situation to 1938 and the British Prime Minister Chamberlain’s appeasement of Adolf Hitler. We’d like to get up before it is simply too late. I urge you to work towards a bipartisan funding bill that features each immigration/border reform and substantial, sustained aid to Ukraine.

With sincere good wishes,

Mary C. Bennett Nadler

Babcock Ranch

From Mel NA:

I retired in 1999, and my wife Joan and I spent five months traveling in Europe — living in a tent no less! 25,000 kilometers, no cellular phone, no GPS, and 15 countries in a leased Peugeot running on gazoil (aka diesel). I mention this because I distinctly remember leaving Monte Carlo and driving along the Mediterranean and truly not knowing it. Yes, Italy. One tall constructing after one other blocked what should have once been a stupendous view of the water. And this will not be unlike Florida and Alabama. There may be a singular restaurant and bar on the border generally known as the Flora-Bama Lounge. Yes, half in Florida and half in Alabama. And here again, as elsewhere world wide, I’m sure, is a wall of high-rise condos owned by the uberwealthy. The result? You’ll be able to’t see the Gulf from the highway. In lots of places, similar to Virginia Beach, they don’t desire you walking on THEIR beach! Access to the water is restricted, and the (local government) provides small corridors every thousand feet or so for the proletariat. That is common. It could possibly be Marco Island, Fort Myers, or any of dozens of other places. Greed. My view! But hey, what else is latest? Politically, ecologically, socially, financially, it’s perhaps only a matter of time before paying the interest on the national debt can be our largest federal expenditure. The dollar is being threatened, recent climate appears to be warning us of past mistakes, and we remain more truly divided than ever. It deeply saddens me. Listed below are my thoughts about this:


From John Hirsekorn:

Re: “Get a dog”: Twenty years ago, my wife and I began a dog walking service. After a number of years of constructing a following, I discovered myself walking Palm Beach dogs 10 hours a day, 6 days every week…during season, in fact (no work after 2 p.m. on Thursday, golf at 3 pm). Because the business grew, along with my walking 35,000 steps daily (that is about 17 miles), we decided to board their dogs at our home in Lake Clarke Shores when our customers travel. My wife Jana, at all times home, enjoyed having the corporate. After reading your commentary within the September 21 Florida Weekly, I desired to share with you that we pick up the slack for those who would not have dogs! Take a peek at our Instagram page @villagepetpals.

John Hirsekorn, Skilled Dog Walker

Thanks, Roger,

Your commentary brought a tear to my eye! It went perfectly with the front-page article concerning the overcrowding and deteriorating conditions at Animal Welfare League. I volunteered then worked on the shelter for a few years. I’ve never seen it this bad. Because the population continues to rise in Charlotte County, I fear that this overwhelmed organization will crumble. Please proceed to spread the word! I do know if it weren’t for my two shelter rejects, life could be unbearable.


Diana Mitchell, Former Co-Director/AWL

From Donna Bergamo:

I really like dogs. I even have two and have had cats previously. While I agree generally together with your commentary, why do it’s essential to add your “bullying” remarks about politicians? It wasn’t vital.


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