Home Attractions/Concerts “Teatro Nuovo Presents ‘Apartment 2B’: Addressing the Challenges Faced by Today’s Youth”

“Teatro Nuovo Presents ‘Apartment 2B’: Addressing the Challenges Faced by Today’s Youth”

“Teatro Nuovo Presents ‘Apartment 2B’: Addressing the Challenges Faced by Today’s Youth”

In an era dominated by technology and social media, what happens when the dramas and anxieties of millennials are represented in a context as traditional as theater?

Apartment 2B is the show that accepts this challenge, bringing the complex dynamics of generation Y to the stage. Starting scheduled for on 28 October 2023 on the Teatro Nuovo in Naples, this theatrical work is a magnifying glass on the lives of those young those that society doesn’t seem to acknowledge as adults.

The debut of Apartment 2B on the Teatro Nuovo in Naples

This is not just any weekend. The dates of 28 and 29 October 2023 they’ll see the staging of at the distinguished Teatro Nuovo in Naples.
The play is already acclaimed, having won the Leo de Berardinis Award 2022 and Mario Fratti Award 2022.

The plot of Apartment 2B

The protagonist of the drama, love, is a thirty-year-old who embodies the contradictions of his generation: a precarious job, a rented apartment and isolation accentuated by the presence of a ghostly figure which suggests extreme solutions.

Aimo’s life takes a turn when latest characters enter its existence, providing a glimmer of hope and maybe even change.

The profound themes of the work

It can’t be reduced to an easy entertainment show. Beyond the representation of millennial discomfort, alarming data emerge: based on one 2019 WHO study, the The suicide rate amongst young people has increased exponentially in recent times, further aggravated by the pandemic.

Adam Grant, a renowned psychologist, identifies this condition as “languishing”, a type of apathy and anxiety that especially affects young people born between the 80s and 90s.

Solid and production

The success of a play is commonly the result of remarkable teamwork. Directed and written by Andrea Cioffi, the forged features quite a few talented artists.

The production is signed by the Teatro di Napoli – Teatro Nazionale and Elledieffe.


  • Andrea Cioffi
  • Vincenzo Castellone
  • Sara Guardascione
  • Fortuna Liguori
  • Ciro Grimaldi (within the role of Vision)


  • Theater of Naples – National Theater
  • Elledieffe


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