Home Politics Third GOP Primary Debate in Miami: Ron DeSantis Goes Toe-to-Toe with Nikki Haley

Third GOP Primary Debate in Miami: Ron DeSantis Goes Toe-to-Toe with Nikki Haley

Third GOP Primary Debate in Miami: Ron DeSantis Goes Toe-to-Toe with Nikki Haley

Ron DeSantis has a Nikki Haley problem, and it could worsen if Florida’s governor cannot muster a robust performance Wednesday in Miami throughout the third GOP presidential primary debate. Haley has surged in key early voting states, surpassing DeSantis or pulling even with him in polls and shattering the narrative DeSantis has promoted that it is a two-person race between him and former President Donald Trump. DeSantis still leads Haley in most national polls, but has been trending down and the typical of recent surveys in Recent Hampshire and South Carolina show Haley ahead of DeSantis in each states. Most worrisome for DeSantis is a highly-regarded recent Iowa poll showing him tied with Haley in that state, where DeSantis has devoted the majority of his campaign and is banking on a robust showing. A Super PAC backing DeSantis has begun attacking Haley in Iowa in an try and slow her momentum, and political observers say he must do the identical on the talk stage. “He could also be at some extent now where he has to have interaction a bit bit more,” University of Iowa political science professor Tim Hagle said of DeSantis. Former Florida Gulf Coast University political science professor Peter Bergerson said DeSantis needs “a breakthrough” on the talk stage as Haley continues to achieve on him. “He’s going to need to give attention to her and her issues, and I feel he’s going to need to sharpen and be more specific and direct on his answers,” Bergerson said. The issue for DeSantis is that Haley has proven to be a robust debater, attracting attention for a withering takedown of Vivek Ramaswamy on the talk stage and other combative moments. Haley’s performances in the primary two debates were generally well received and sure boosted her within the polls. DeSantis also received good grades for his debate performances from many Republicans, but didn’t get the identical polling bounce. Now he faces the difficult task of slowing Haley’s momentum, which appears to be based on a wide range of aspects beyond her debate performances. Haley could also be benefiting from an increased interest in foreign policy issues, where she has strong credentials, amid conflicts in Ukraine and Israel and a desire amongst some Republicans for more hawkish positions, noted Hagle, adding that she also has proven to be a capable campaigner in Iowa. The Trump campaign’s give attention to DeSantis also helps Haley. Make America Great Again Inc., an excellent PAC supporting Trump, recently began running attack ads against DeSantis in Iowa. “Haley’s sort of moving up because a whole lot of things are working in her direction,” Hagle said. As DeSantis’ campaign struggles, voters can also be looking around to see if other candidates have a greater probability of beating Trump, Bergerson said. “That is somewhat reflective as well that his campaign hasn’t caught on like he would hope,” he said. And DeSantis’ hard right campaign aimed toward appealing to Trump’s MAGA base could also be alienating more establishment and moderate GOP voters who’re able to move on from Trump. Haley appears to be attracting anti-Trump voters. A Des Moines Register/NBC News/Mediacom Iowa Poll released Oct. 30 found that amongst voters who back Haley, only 12% say Trump is their second selection. Amongst DeSantis supporters, 41% say Trump is their second selection. The poll has DeSantis and Haley tied at 16% support in Iowa. A poor showing in Iowa would doom DeSantis’ campaign. “If Haley clearly becomes the second-place person and supersedes DeSantis, yeah he’s got to fret about that,” Hagle said. Never Back Down, an excellent PAC backing DeSantis, has released several television ads and online videos attacking Haley. DeSantis, his campaign, and the super PAC have criticized Haley’s record on China and targeted her over comments about refugees. A CNN fact check found that DeSantis and his allies were “inaccurately depicting” Haley’s comments about people from Gaza, a Palestinian territory where Israel currently is conducting a military campaign. A Never Back Down video accuses Haley of wanting to usher in more refugees, which she denies. Haley’s campaign has fired back with a video accusing DeSantis of being “desperate.” “Why is Desperate DeSantis attacking Nikki Haley? He’s losing to Nikki. And it’s easy to see why,” the video states. “Nikki’s out-classed him at every turn. Sorry Ron. Fake Attacks. Five campaign ‘reboots.’ Phony smiles. Your desperation is showing.”


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