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rewrite this title The Montella Chestnut Festival. From first courses to desserts

rewrite this title The Montella Chestnut Festival. From first courses to desserts

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The autumn festival of Montella is preparing to welcome visitors and gourmets next weekend, transforming its streets right into a vortex of aromas and flavors. This 12 months too, the event guarantees to be a crossroads of traditions culinary and live entertainment, which is able to happen in a festive and collective atmosphere.

Not only chestnuts, but additionally other traditional dishes

The Sagra di Montella is an actual paradise for lovers of fine food. The food and wine stands will propose an immersion in local flavors, with chestnuts on the fireplace which release inebriating aromas, the caciocavallo hanged which offers a visible spectacle in addition to a taste one, and an assortment of chestnut dishes and desserts that pay homage to the fruit of autumn. There may also be chestnut-based first courses.

The dishes can be accompanied by selections of homemade beers and the prized ones wines of the world, which enhance every bite. As well as, the cooking shows can be a window on local culinary art and the tastings will guide those present to find authentic flavours.

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Montella PGI Chestnut Festival Program 2023

Wednesday November 1

  • Opening: 10am, followed by puppet shows, live music with ‘Vienteterra’, ‘Schuster’, ‘Aria Nova’ in Piazza Bartoli until 00pm.

Thursday 2 November

  • From 10:00, stands open. Music with ‘Bakkan Sounds’ and ‘Rivoluzione Popolare’ from 18pm to 00pm in Piazza Bartoli. Touring ‘Takabum’ and ‘Street Band Popul’Art’.

Friday November 3

  • Stands open from 10:00. School awards ceremony 11:00, Council Room. Presentation of Vinicio Sesso’s book, 17pm. Musical performances ‘I Dek’, ‘Tammurriarè’, ‘Rotarossa’ in various locations.

Saturday November 4

  • Stands from 10:00. Cooking show 11am, Magician Lenny show 00pm, ‘South Medina’ and ‘Ass. G. Delli Gatti’ enliven the day until 14pm in Piazza Bartoli. Itinerants ‘A Paranza R’o Lyon’ and ‘I Zompa Cardillo’.

Sunday November 5

  • Stands open from 10:00. Cooking show 11:00, arrival of historic train 11:30. Kid’s shows, ‘Lady Botte’, and concert events with ‘Moses Concas’ and ‘Vinyl Gianpy’ until 21pm. Touring ‘Scuola di Tarantella Montemaranese’, ‘Takabum Street Band’, and ‘I Tarantellati di Volturara’.

Shows and other activities

The festival comes alive further with traveling musical entertainment and performance on fixed stage, making a background of live music which spreads through the streets of the village. The little ones can have fun with them play activities dedicated, while adults and the curious will give you the chance to counterpoint themselves culturally with thematic meetings and conferences. The presence of agricultural company stands local will provide an extra demonstration of the community’s commitment to valorising its products.

To make sure a snug experience for all visitors, they’re provided rest areas for vehicles and campers, with a practical Shuttle Service included. Moreover, a historical train will leave from Avellino for the occasion, adding a touch of charm to the journey to the festival.

Contacts and data

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