Home Sports Jaylen Wright discusses his ranking as the sixth-fastest Miami Dolphin running back

Jaylen Wright discusses his ranking as the sixth-fastest Miami Dolphin running back

Jaylen Wright discusses his ranking as the sixth-fastest Miami Dolphin running back

MIAMI GARDENS — For the very first time, Jaylen Wright slipped on the white Miami Dolphins jersey with number 25 in aqua, outlined in orange, on Friday.

“This can be a dream come true,” Wright said before a Dolphins rookie camp practice. “Twenty-five, I feel like I look good in. And I’m gonna’ make it look good.”

Wright, a running back from Tennessee, was chosen by the Dolphins within the fourth round of the recent NFL draft.

They traded a future third-rounder so as to add the speedster.

“I feel like I’m the style of running back that does not do numerous dancing,” Wright said. “Numerous cutting and stuff. I mean, one cut and go. I mean, that is just me, but I’m saying I feel like this offense is gonna utilize my speed. And I feel like I’m gonna be used the correct way.”

Wright ran the 40-yard dash in 4.38 seconds on the NFL scouting mix.

Remarkably, that makes him the fastest Dolphin, behind Anthony Schwartz, Tyreek Hill, De’Von Achane, Raheem Mostert, and Jaylen Waddle.

Miami Dolphins’ Jaylen Wright is fast enough

“I mean, at the tip of the day, I do know I’m fast,” Wright said, when told about being sixth. “But like I said, extremely fast guys here. I mean really, really fast. So I mean that is props to them for running really, really fast. But I do know what I ran and running that at that size isn’t easy. So, I do know I’m fast, too.”

Wright is listed at 5-foot-10, 210 kilos.

By comparison, for instance, Hill is 191 kilos, Waddle is 185 kilos, Achane is 188 kilos, and Schwartz is 186 kilos. Mostert is 205 kilos.

Wright said he feels welcomed by Mostert, who scored 18 touchdowns last season.

Jaylen Wright involves Miami with Raheem Mostert respect

“Raheem is any person I’ve studied watching film, back in college,” Wright said. “I mean, he’s, he’s a man.”

Wright saw De’Von Achane get tons of touches as a rookie for Miami. That provides him a reason to consider he can contribute instantly.

“It tells me that he has numerous trust in his guys,” Wright said of coach Mike McDaniel. “I mean, it tells me that when he’s drafting someone, he’s doing it for a reason. And I feel like he’s, I mean, I’m someone that he trusts and I’m able to prove my point on the sphere. You recognize, I’m trying to achieve that trust, gain that trust not only from the coaches but my teammates as well. So I’m just really excited to make big plays.”

Jaylen Wright to wear Xavien Howard’s jersey number

Wright seems to have an understanding of what is going on to be asked of him. And he also has an understanding of what that jersey number 25 means to folks around here.

“After all,” Wright said, when asked about Howard. “He’s someone. He’s a man, I mean, a dude. He’s been excellent within the NFL. An enormous-name guy. I’m just excited, , to wear the number that he repped for a very long time. And made numerous big plays in.”


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