Home Sports Robinson, the Dolphins’ top pick, doesn’t feel the pressure of being a first-round selection

Robinson, the Dolphins’ top pick, doesn’t feel the pressure of being a first-round selection

Robinson, the Dolphins’ top pick, doesn’t feel the pressure of being a first-round selection

MIAMI GARDENS — He might have been just some other rookie — even an undrafted one — by the best way he was talking.

But Chop Robinson isn’t just any Dolphins rookie. He’s their first-round draft pick, the primary rookie in three years who can say that. Come the autumn, all eyes can be on him, especially with uncertainty over how quickly fellow edge rushers Bradley Chubb and Jaelan Phillips might bounce back from season-ending injuries.

“I don’t put any pressure on myself,” Robinson said Friday. “I just come here, keep my head down and be humble and just work. Be confident, humble and work — that’s my foremost thing. Don’t change who I’m. Be the player I’m, be the guy I’m.”

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Robinson just arrived in South Florida on Thursday, then hustled to the power for medical exams. He hasn’t had a likelihood to envision out the local scene, but he doesn’t sound just like the variety of player who’s big on that, anyway.

“Truthfully, every thing is just ball,” he said. “If I’m not in the power, if I’m not watching football, I’m probably playing video games.”

And if he’s playing video games, it’s Madden.

This rookie minicamp, then again, is his first taste of the NFL for real.

“I feel that’s why it really hasn’t hit me yet,” he said. “It should probably hit me once I get a break or something like that in the summertime. Immediately, just able to work.”

It’s not that the past few months have been spent on the couch. Robinson trained in Arizona where a workout buddy was Mo Kamara, a pass rusher from Colorado State coincidentally taken by Miami within the fifth round.

“He all the time talks trash,” Robinson said. “Every little thing he was doing in training, whether it’s like get-offs or the sled pushes or we’re in the burden room, he all the time desires to compete. I’m effective with it. Because pushing me is pushing him.”

Robinson was only marginally conversant in standout Dolphins pass rushers Jason Taylor and Cam Wake (who also attended Penn State). He said he’s focused on Nick Bosa and T.J. Watt because their style matches his.

“Bradley Chubb and Jaelan Phillips — I’ve been watching those guys since I used to be in highschool and I do know what variety of players they’re since they were in college,” Robinson said. “I do know they need greatness on daily basis. In order that’s what I’m chasing, too.”

He’ll do it wearing No. 44. It’s the number he wore in college and the number he had on Friday. Last season, Dolphins long snapper Blake Ferguson owned the number.

“I just talked to him to ask him how much 44 meant to him,” Robinson said.

Apparently not so much. No money was exchanged.

“I appreciate him for that,” Robinson said.

Robinson was taken twenty first overall. He made no secret he hoped to be drafted by Miami. Meaning he was ready for the warmth, each figuratively and real.

“This is unquestionably different,” he said, standing within the shade outside the team’s training facility because the thermometer read 90 en path to 96. “So I can’t wait for it.”

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