Home News Wonder Gardens Introduces ‘Renew the Wonder’ Masterplan

Wonder Gardens Introduces ‘Renew the Wonder’ Masterplan

Wonder Gardens Introduces ‘Renew the Wonder’ Masterplan

The Wonder Gardens recently unveiled its master plan to reinforce the attraction with recent exhibits, event space and an “elevated guest experience, creating a fantastic old Florida oasis in downtown Bonita Springs.”

The master plan includes a recent Animal Care Center, elevated cover walkway and treehouse, alligator hole exhibit, updated aviaries and enclosures.

Wonder Gardens friends and supporters, board members, and Bonita Springs leaders also enjoyed a celebratory toast to a brand new 10-year partnership agreement between the attraction and town.

A parrot at The Wonder Gardens, Bonita Springs.

The Wonder Gardens is searching for donations for the project.

Greater than 100 American Flamingos counted in Florida during February census

In February, Audubon Florida organized an American Flamingo survey across the Sunshine State.

It was an effort coordinated through the Florida Flamingo Working Group as part of a bigger initiative by the Caribbean Flamingo Conservation Group to census all American Flamingos throughout their range from Feb. 18-25.


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